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First Housing Corporation was established over 40 years ago to develop and manage a premier portfolio of multifamily properties. First Housing Corporation seeks to understand the property owner's objectives and establish a management plan to attain the balance between cash flow and asset appreciation which will meet the established objectives. First Housing Corporation services are tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

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Our Capabilities Include:


  • Subsidized, tax credit and conventional multi-unit residential housing management;
  • Renovations, rehabilitations, and related services;
  • Preventative Maintenance Program;
  • Obtain competitive bids for contracts and special projects;
  • Lease Administration;
  • Tenant Care and Retention Programs
  • Management services by our experienced on-site personnel
  • Training and supervision of your existing employees
  • Regular site visits by Regional Property Manager
  • Payroll services including payroll taxes, workers compensation and employee insurance benefits.
  • Approve and pay property invoices, taxes and mortgage payments
  • Monthly financial reporting including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger, Rent Roll, Lease Summary, Bank Reconciliation, and Tenant Receivables aging schedule
  • Balance Variance Analysis and Reporting
  • Marketing and Leasing vacant space, as well as renewal of existing tenants
  • Assist in obtaining financing and managing the process

For more information about First Housing Corporation please contact:

(517) 887-4200 or info@1sthousing.com.