I. General Function

Responsible for the daily operations of the entire property, including supervision of staff, building maintenance, all administrative duties for both internal and external agencies, and maintaining positive relationship with the residents of the property.


II. Relationships

Reports to District Regional Property Manager


III. Qualifications

A.  At least one-year property management experience.

B.  High School diploma or it's equivalent.

C.  Professional certification preferred (ARM, CAM, RAM).

D.  Knowledge of regulations, acts, guidelines, etc., pertaining to affordable properties.

E.  Knowledge of computer operations, to include basic data entry.

G.  Ability to communicate effectively and maintain good relations with residents and employees.


IV. Essential Functions

A.  Hire, train, supervise, evaluate, and discipline all site staff, where applicable.

B.  Supervise the property office ensuring that all bookkeeping, marketing, and lease preparations are performed as required.

C.  Market the property in accordance with Fair Housing and the management agent’s guidelines.

D.  Submit reports as required by the management agent or mandated by the Federal, State or local government.

E.  Maintain office files for all business and financial records, as well as properly crediting the computer and properly depositing all monies received.

F.  Inspect property daily to ensure building and grounds are properly maintained and take or suggest any actions needed for repair.

G.  Respond to all resident’s requests and complaints immediately.

H.  Assist with any other task as assigned.

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